Team Members

Trish Miller. Ph.D.
Adam Duerr, Ph.D.
Missy Braham, M.Sc.
Maitreyi Sur, Ph.D.
Vince Slabe. Ph.D.
Kris Brockes

Trish Miller, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Senior Research Wildlife Biologist
Trish Miller’s Curriculum Vitae

Trish began working at CSG in September 2017 as the first official employee of the organization. Trish lived throughout the Midwest as a child and migrated west for college. She graduated with a BS in Biology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1994. Shortly thereafter she developed a passion for birds and raptors, especially. She gained a wealth of field experience working as a seasonal field technician for several years and even as a veterinary technician. She and her husband, Mike, eventually settled in Pennsylvania, where she earned her Master’s in Ecology at Penn State in 2007 and then her Ph.D. in 2012. Trish established the GIS Lab at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, where she worked from 2005-2011. She worked as a Wildlife Biologist at West Virginia University from 2011-2017 and maintains adjunct status there.

Trish’s research focuses on movement ecology and conservation of raptors with an emphasis on reducing conflicts with human development.  Since 2005, she has studied the small population Golden Eagles of eastern North American. Her other projects include Bald Eagle aircraft strike hazard in the Chesapeake Bay region of Virginia, understanding movements of Bald Eagles in the Midwest and Great Plains and Golden Eagles in western North America to reduce conflicts with wind energy development. She is an active member of the Eastern Golden Eagle Working Group and Project SNOWstorm. She is actively engaged in all aspects of research, including grant writing, field work, data analysis and publication, as well as reviewing manuscripts.

In 2015, Trish, Mike and their two daughters, Phoebe and Willow, made the great migration from Pennsylvania to West Cape May, NJ. Trish is a board member on the Borough of West Cape May Environmental Commission, a member of the West Cape May Elementary School Green Team, a volunteer for the Ca1pe May Raptor Banding Project, and a volunteer for Cape May Bird Observatory’s bird banding program. When not working or volunteering, Trish enjoys spending time with her family, watching raptor migration, kayaking, biking, and hanging out at the beach.

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Adam Duerr, Ph.D.
Director of Research, Senior Research Wildlife Biologist
Adam Duerr’s Curriculum Vitae

Adam Duerr has research interests in the broad topics of wildlife biology and avian ecology that provide results that can be directly applied to wildlife management. Currently, Dr. Duerr is working on projects that focus on flight and migration ecology, conservation biology, human-wildlife conflicts, and demography.

One avenue of his research includes understanding flight behavior of golden and bald eagles and California condors to understand risk of these birds colliding with wind turbines or aircraft. He also works to understand how population demography changes in response to wildlife management that is applied either to increase population sizes (i.e., conservation) or reduce human-wildlife conflicts (i.e., wildlife damage management).

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Missy Braham, M.Sc.
Director of Data Science and Analytics, Research Biologist
Melissa Braham’s Curriculum Vitae

Missy Braham was born and raised in Maryland. Growing up around the Chesapeake Bay inspired her curiosity with the natural world. She graduated with a BSc in Wildlife and Fisheries Resources from West Virginia University in 2005. She used that degree to travel around the US working a variety of seasonal field technician positions. Missy joined the team in 2013.

She has worked on projects that studied population dynamics, movement, habitat use, and the biology of multiple fish species in various regions. She has worked with endangered Catostomids in the upper Klamath River Basin, commercial fisheries in the Bering Sea, salmonids on the Yukon-Kuskokwim delta, percids along the Missouri River, and she has participated in a variety of projects involving brook trout in headwater streams of West Virginia. These seasonal positions shaped her research interests and gained her a great deal of knowledge. She then came back to West Virginia University with her husband, Ryan, to work towards their MSc. Missy earned her MSc degree studying the benthic habitat selection of yellow-phase American eels.

In 2018, Missy, Ryan, and their daughter moved across the country to Southeast Idaho. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, getting lost in the mountains, kayaking, fishing, hunting, and rooting for her beloved Ravens. Since joining this research team in 2013, she acts as the data manager for multiple large spatial data-sets. She has led a study on the seasonal variation of golden eagle home ranges within the Mojave Desert of California. And has assisted in the analysis of golden eagle, bald eagle, California condor, and white-tailed eagle data for multiple scientific publications.

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Maitreyi Sur, Ph.D.
Research Wildlife Biologist
Maitreyi Sur's Curriculum Vitae

Maitreyi Sur is a research wildlife biologist with more than 10 years of experience in the field. She has a a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology, and a Master’s in environmental studies from India. In 2009, she received the European Commission, Erasmus Mundus scholarship for her doctoral research, at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Since 2015, she has been working in the US on various projects that focus on understanding the ecology of large raptors and the effectiveness of policies to reduce the risk of bird interactions with renewable energy infrastructure.

Her work is mostly quantitative in nature with the use of telemetry data, spatial and statistical modeling to answer these questions. In doing so, she heavily draws from the concepts emerging in the field of movement ecology and also constantly work on the methodological aspects of the field as well. For the last few years she has been specializing in analysis of accelerometer data from large raptors as well.

Maitreyi, her husband Parveen and son Arlo presently live in India, but are planning to make a continental move soon. Together they have lived in five countries in the last 10 years and hoping that they will soon find a place apt for permanent nesting.

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Vince Slabe, Ph.D
Post-Doc Research Wildlife Biologist
Vince Slabe's Curriculum Vitae

Vince is originally from central Illinois and graduated with a BS and MS from the University of Illinois. Shortly after, he travelled west and quickly developed a strong interest in bird research. Vince worked on multiple avian research and monitoring projects in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Wyoming before completing a PhD at West Virginia University in Forest Resources Science. Vince’s dissertation focused on lead poisoning of bald and golden eagles on a nationwide scale.

At CSG, Vince’s research focuses on lead abatement strategies for bald eagles in the Atlantic Flyway and on identifying pre-breeding hotspots for golden eagles in Denali National Park. Vince is a member of the Raptor Research Foundation, the Eastern Golden Eagle Working Group, and volunteers for Raptor View Research Institute and Craighead Beringia South.

Vince, his wife Mosey, and two kids, Frances and Sonny live in Bozeman, MT. When not working, Vince enjoys spending time with his family, floating the river, birding, cross-country skiing, biking and listening to Chicago Cubs baseball.

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Kris Brockes
Administrative Assistant

Kris Brockes is the best secretary.

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Board Members:
Trish Miller, Ph.D. Chairman, West Cape May, NJ
Missy Braham, M.Sc., Vice-Chairman, Chubbuck, ID
Adam Duerr, Ph.D., Secretary/Treasurer, New Castle, PA
Casey Halverson, Director, Cape May Courthouse, NJ
Mike Lanzone, Director, West Cape May, NJ